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If you saw this view when you stepped out onto the beach, would you run the other direction, waiting for White Squall to begin? Because I'm pretty sure that if I saw this and only took a glance, I'd be pretty sure something was very wrong in the world and I should get going the other direction.
What this really is, however, isn't that dangerous at all: it's a fog bank. The National Weather Service in Mount Holly, New Jersey, posted this image above, which shows how the fog lined up just right to create the image of a wave.
How did it happen? Well, the warm air blowing off comparatively cold ocean waters caused the air to cool rapidly and condense, forming the fog just offshore.
This isn't the first time it's happened--check out this freaky video from Newfoundland where it seems like a tidal wave is coming over the mountains as the fog that built up on one side of the mountain moves into drier air on the other side.
Nature's pretty cool, I'll give you that.
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It's amazing how much about weather and nature we really don't understand.
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@nehapatel So true! I love these kind of findings.
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wow nature
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