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I never thought someone yelling at me for one minute could be so strangely inspiring? Seriously, just give it a go. Here's Shia LaBeouf violently yelling "just do it" for a minute straight. You know, just in case you needed some motivation for today. Because who doesn't?
The clip came form this longer version of a spoken word project produced by Central Saint Martins BA students. The "just do it" clip is by Joshua Parker and at 08:58 in this longer video.
And because the filmmakers are genius, filmed this on a green screen, and are allowing people to edit as long as the purpose isn't commercial, there are loads of edits of this already.

Now presenting: the TED Talk Edition.

And lastly, my favorite, the Shia-walker edition.

Thank you, internet.
The Shiawalker speaks to me on every kind of level. I want to high five whoever made that.
I feel like this is motivational cause of scare-tactics hahaha I feel like if I don't JUST DO IT Shia will show up and hurt me
I could watch that video everyday and never get tired of it :D
@JJ25 And there's so many different versions of it....you'll never have to get tired!
I've watched this about every time it has come up online for me and it hasnt gotten less weird
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