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G'day everyone! Here is my personal review of City Color Contour Effects Palette. This is a pretty popular contour palette and I read good reviews about this one so decided that I should get it no matter what! You know how that feels ;) I bought this at around Php550.00 (US$ 12.32) in a mall here in the Philippines. The palette contains 1 contour, 1 bronzer, and 1 highlighter. So here we go: The packaging is like a cardboard or hard paper with a thin foam underneath with a magnet lock in it. I was pretty impressed because it is not plastic like other packagings. It is super thin, handy and not hard to open. The inner lid has instructions on how to contour for beginners. There is a QR Code on the back but I haven't really tried to scan it though I think it will lead to their website. The ingredients used in this palette doesn't contain paraben. Furthermore, it is cruelty free! So YAY to all animal lovers like me out there! ♥ The good catch about this product is that it is incredibly pigmented! Yep. You can see my fingers in the picture above. I just dipped my fingers (clean hands btw) and it caught too much of the product so if you are going to use this, gently dip your brush, use little amount, and slowly build up the contour on your face. (See the picture above for the swatches). Pros: -Cheap -Lightweight -Very pigmented -Not tested on animals/cruelty free -No paraben -Doesn't irritate my skin (I had a bad experience of a contour that actually gave me rashes on my face so this is a big yay for me!) Cons: -Hard to find in the Philippines. I bought this at Alabang Town Center. Other malls don't offer this product so your last resort is to buy online though along shipment, this might break so meh. Verdict: 4.5/5 kisses! What do you think of this product? Share your thoughts! :) Over and out!
Just saw your tag. Thanks for the review @CuteSpy!
Wow! I wasn't sure how I felt about it until you showed the different colors inside the palette. They're perfect for contouring! I wonder if it'd work on EVERY skin tone though?
@mikayla Thank heavens some companies know how to deal with women's financial crisis. :) Another affordable cruelty-free brand is NYX Cosmetics. ;)
I didn't expect this brand to be cruelty-free because those products are usually expensive. Good to know there are cheaper options out there!
@danidee This works on every skin tone, its just a metter on hoe you apply and blend it onto your face. :) This brand also launched a new contour palette with lighter contour and bronzer shades plus a blush on but I prefer this one since I have tan skin. You should check that out. (^_^)
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