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Preserve your hair color with these natural hair remedy tips!

For Blonde Hair: Use Ketchup

The easiest way to cool down during summer is taking a dive in the pool but the chlorinated water might turn your hair green. When this happen, massage a handful of ketchup on your hair. Let it sit for 20 minutes and rinse with baby shampoo. This will return your hair back to its normal color.

For Brunette Hair: Use Tea

Give your hair a luscious shine make a hair rinse Earl Grey. Brew a few cups, let it cool and pour it over your hair after shampoo.

For Highlights: Use Champagne

If you have left over champagne from a party, use it to perk up your highlights by rinsing with it. Your streaks will be revived again!

For Red Hair: Use Cranberry Juice

If you need a quick touch up and a vibrant boost for your red head cranberry juice can get it done. Pour the juice onto your hair and leave it on for 5 minutes. Rinse as usual.
red and green are opposite on the color wheel therefore the red cancels out the green. The same as how many blondes use violet shampoo get yellow out or blue for orange...etc
@Lesslee You can use cranberry juice. I just updated the card with the info.
What about red hair?!
These are so random! Has anyone tried it before?
I feel like using ketchup on blonde hair wouldn't get rid of the green but make it red!