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Q: So I'm not sure if I should confess to my crush that I like him. He's among my very best friends and we've been friends for five years now. I liked him for 4.5 years (kind of a while, huh? Haha) I think about it and I think I would like to but i don't because I don't feel it's right, you know? Sometimes I feel like he MIGHT like me, and other times just as a friend. I wouldn't want to make the friendship awkward and/or ruin it, (though my friends don't think I would) what should I do?

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Either way, it's going to be awkward for you if you leave it as it is (with you hiding your feelings) so why not just go for it! If he really is a good friend then he won't be too freaked out if he doesnt return your feelings.
I say just go for it! For real. I mean, you are going to feel like crap if you don't, and if you present it the right way ("maybe i'm totally off track here but...") you'll be able to still be friends, and push past any awkwardness this may cause.