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What is Vingle?
When I was a kid, I had a friend who loved baseball. Every time I think about him, I always just picture him talking about baseball. He always told me who won the game, how he got this really cool star player’s memorabilia, and why this player was so great. He went on and on, but no matter how long he talked about baseball, his eyes always had this twinkle that you couldn’t help but love. A few years ago, I started scuba diving. Before my first dive, so I spent countless hours researching and thinking about what it would be like. But all that research didn’t matter, because as soon as I dived, nothing mattered. It was so much better than any picture, any video, or anyone could have hoped to describe. There I was, playing with fishes, watching my air bubbles, and it hit me: I was never supposed to be here, but look at me now. It was a sense of freedom and bliss that I have never before felt. Since then, I have become a scuba diving mania, and find myself always trying to share the sensations, the sights, and the beauty of scuba diving to anyone who would listen. Then one day, one of my friends told me that whenever I talked about scuba diving, I have this little twinkle in my eyes. At that moment I realized, I had become my childhood friend. Everyone has that one thing that for no reason whatsoever, we absolutely love. It is the one hobby, collection, game, or call it whatever you want, that no matter how tired or stressed you are it always makes things better. It can be an activity like a sport or a game, or an object like a car or geeky device. It can even be an actor, or a rock band. We all have something that no matter what always makes us happy. We get happy talking about it, sharing thoughts about it, and even meeting others who love it as much as we do. Now that I think about it, my friend and I are just like everyone else. We all want to share our passion with others. We, the Vingle staff, are a group of people gathered from 10 different countries to build an international playground that transcends all borders. We want to help people both connect, and enjoy talking about their passions. Your passion is the life of the party! Enjoy the party!
梨が出回り始めたので、今年二度目のサングリアを仕込みました。 室戸産の梨、スイカ、ブルーベリー、バレンシアオレンジが入っています。 他に、いただき物の岡山産のブドウと徳之島産のマンゴー、唯一スーパーで購入したキウイで、赤・白1本ずつ。 サングリア持参で、ホームパーティにお呼ばれして来ました。 室戸は外食する場所も限られているので、誰かのお家に集まることもしばしばです。 せっかくなので、室戸産食材を使用したお料理をいくつかご紹介します。 こちらはサツマイモの茎の炒め煮。 今の時期はよく食卓に登場します。 台風接近中で漁が無いので、貴重なお魚の鯖。 焼き鯖にして南蛮漬け風の味付けで。 室戸産のドライトマトでカプレーゼ。 トマトの味が一層濃くなって、フレッシュトマトとはまた違った美味しさがあります! こちらはフレッシュトマトで冷製パスタ。 全国的にも高知産が有名な、ナスと茗荷。 室戸も例外なく、たくさん栽培されています。 夏らしくさっぱりとした美味しさです。 室戸にはお遍路さんやサーファーが多く訪れることもあり、民宿がたくさんあります。 おしゃれで快適なホテルも捨て難いですが、地元ならではの郷土料理を家庭料理で味わうなら、断然民宿がおススメです。
柴静自费拍摄的雾霾调查纪录片"穹顶之下"近日在网上播出后立即受到中国各大媒体的关注和网民的围观与评论。 根据中国媒体《新闻晨报》的报道,103分钟的视频上线不到1天,各网络平台累计播放超过3500万次。 女儿患病 2014年初,柴静离开了央视,消失在公众视线内。但她以纪录片《穹顶之下》探究雾霾是什么,从哪儿来,该怎么办等三个问题问候大家,瞬间引起广泛关注。她在片中透露,她有这个想法是因为女儿一生下来就被发现有良性肿瘤。而且雾霾天气使她不得不把孩子“关”在家里。 “穹顶之下,别让柴静太孤单” 视频在各大网站一经上传不仅引起了广大网友和民众的反应,相关媒体对柴静的报道也络绎不绝。网友的声音褒贬不一,有说柴静出于私心,缺乏客观性的;有说她妖魔化本土工业,顺带黑国企的。但更多的还是肯定与支持她的声音。“作业本”在微博上留言说:“不用管柴静国籍在哪,她懂不懂雾霾,也别在乎专业性技术性高低,也不用管她提没提出解决方法,纪录片的意义在于,触发全网关注,造成全民讨论,引来全国注视。这就是它的最大价值,完成了使命。我们有像今天这样严肃认真的重视过雾霾吗?从来没有。” 柴静把一个本应该由国家和政府来剖析和解决的问题,深层次地剥开了核心内容。她把雾霾污染问题提向了一个新高度,合理地以简单的语言阐释问题,提出解决方案,更呼吁公众对雾霾做到从我做起监督和治理。这对雾霾治理不得不说是一个积极的推动,在政府的监管和治理义务和实行责任之间,我们应该做的也许正是不要让这样的柴静们孤军奋战。