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Well not something I would do haha but its still an epic video!

So if you unsure what a launchpad is the best way to explain it is you plug that unit shown in the above video into your computers usb port and open up your preferred program (Can also be used with tablets). I use Ableton live. You can the load up and play up to 8 songs or sounds at once. Anyways I have found it quite hard to use but I am only learning. My unit is called Lauchpad mini which is much smaller in size but is still fun to use. Checkout how sick this dude is at using a Launchpad while enjoying shapes!
Yeah, I think the cheaper the better when it comes to playing with production stuff for the first time. $133 is totally doable.
My copy is called Ableton Live 9 and it comes free with the lanchpad mini other versions are more expensive. I got my Lauchpad mini for $133 with software so its a cost effective controller. buttons/pads could be softer and more ports would be nice but for the price. Imho its better than most $300 to $500 controllers (you can do more).
How much does Ableton Live run costwise?
One other thing I didn't remember to mention 馃槂 Ableton live 9 comes with 1gb of samples to get started. Plus there are additional samples, packs and a tutorial session you can download. I also downloaded heaps of other samples for free from other websites that can be used for commercial use. Maybe I should make a list? On youtube there are some helpful videos that how to use the launchpad which is good because it dose not come with detailed instructions.
That's AUD by the way.