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Protective Sunwear

Post sun care is important if you're exposed to the sun for more than 3 hours. We're advised to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours if you're out in the sun. But I guess not all of us stick to this rule. This is why protective sunwear are essentials if you're plan to stay outdoor for an extended period. If you already have sun damage try to limit your skin to harmful UV by accessorizing with sunhat and sunglasses.

When sunscreen doesn't cut it, eat these superfood to protect your skin.

1. Dark Chocolate: contain antioxidants (phenols compounds, catechins) that help protect skin from sunburn and skin cancer. Go easy, one square a day is enough.
2. Tomatoes: Contain lycopene that prevent skin from aging and properties that fight harmful UV light.
3. Green Tea: Great immune system booster and helps soothe sunburn (especially redness). Drink it up!
4. Red Peppers: Contain capsiate that decrease sun damage and help reduce inflammation.
5. Garlic: Mind the strong aroma, these babies are filled with antioxidant and healing properties that fight off free radicals. It's also detoxify your body and reduce bloating.
6. Aloe Vera Juice: No explanation needed here. Drink it!
7. Citrus: Fruits under this category contain limonene that and flavonoids that improves skin's ability to recover from sun damage. Maybe that's the reason we drink lemonade during summer!
I love it when you suggest eating chocolate for health purposes :) @stargaze
I've just recently gotten into aloe vera juice. So yummy! And you can also find varieties that are sugar free!
@danidee Where do you find the sugar-free aloe juice?
Aloe vera is always my go-to for sun damage (in lotion or juice form!)
I heard carrots also help with skin damages.