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As VIPs are getting thrilled about the recent Bang Bang Bang music video release, I am more excited about the audio release of We Like 2 Party. I love the relaxed tune of this track as it's more refreshing than the loud and hyper feel of Bang Bang Bang, which has a more Fantastic Baby vibe to it. As expected from Big Bang, both songs are unique and very catchy! I cannot wait for the music video release on June 5th!
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@poojas Yes!!! Loser and Bae Bae are still on repeat as well, Every time I hear a Bigbang song I'm reminded how much I love them!!! VIP forever!!!
@poojas I meant to ask if you were new to Vingle? I just didn't think I'd seen you here before, and if that's the case then I just had to say... Welcome to the family!!!
@MattK95 Yep, I'm pretty new to Vingle! Thank you for the welcome! And yesss, VIP forever! ^^
@poojas well if there is anything you want to know just ask me or one of the other community staff members ^^
@MattK95 Absolutely, thank you! :)