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My mum's gingeng extract receipe! Drink it like tea but starting the day with full of energy! It needs some preparation to have it right, though.
You need Korean Red ginseng. Don't be fooled with other stuffs. It comes in a rectagular can with seal.
Recipe and how you drink it. The first thing to know is that you can drink it warm or cold!
You need glass pottary, fresh ginger and dried dates.
I had red ginseng tea in packets but I would love to try brewing the tea myself. Thanks for sharing!
This is really interesting! I heard that red ginseng is really popular in Korea and a very powerful medicine, but I never knew how and why it was used!
@danidee @AvocadoLove Yes, they are famous indeed. The red ginseng are not completely dried but are dried with some level of moisture locked in. It is really good for people who cannot have normal ginseng or honey (or royal jelly) because they warm the body up. Actually I was also in that situation which led me to use red ginseng instead. My mum is also big fan of it to sustain her active life... and she is 75 this year. :-)