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Prolific and at times infamous Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson unleashed his wisdom upon the world until he passed in 2005. His writing lives forever, creating a lasting bond between him and his readers.
Most well known for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (the book, and subsequent film starring Johnny Depp).his wild image gained him cult status.
Thompson has been a great inspiration of mine as of late. His wisdom on self awareness, taking yourself on adventures and living honestly has made my transition from college to the AfterLife that much more interesting, and made me realize that just because we're not what's considered 'normal' doesn't mean we're not significant.
His words are utterly unique. His ideas, revolutionary. Take some notes from one of the greatest writers of all time.
By: Tess Stevens
1. “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”
We all want to be safe, and live as long as possible (in most cases) but that's not what makes a great life! We need to take risks and chances especially in our early twenties because this is the time to do it. We must live fully or we'll never have lived at all.
2.“A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance.”
In our early adulthood it's easy wait to make choices. We don't know what profession we want so we do whatever. We don't know where we want to live so we stay with our parents. We don't know how to make money so we take a job outside our field. We must choose or else our lives will just start happening. Work on things you have a passion for, or else what's the point?
3. “Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.”
We think that because we're on our own it's the end of the world. We're at the beginning of an exciting time filled with freedom, new friends and new experiences. Life should be fun. It's not all the time, but if we can make fun of ourselves and the unfavorable things that happen then we can get through anything.
4. “No sympathy for the devil; keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride...and if it occasionally gets a little heavier than what you had in mind, well...maybe chalk it off to forced conscious expansion: Tune in, freak out, get beaten.”
Things are going to be hard, but the first thing we must do is accept that. I think the "forced consciousness expansion" phrase is genius. When we find ourselves in unfavorable positions we have to find new ways to deal. Whether we lose someone we love, have a bad break up or get rejected from a job we must deal with the consequences, and we're better for that. Take things as they come.
5. “I was not proud of what I had learned but I never doubted that it was worth knowing.”
We must take in everything around us. If we encounter fear or sadness or moments of darkness we can't push them away. It's essential to learn as much as possible even if that knowledge seems useless for now.
6. “For every moment of triumph, for every instance of beauty, many souls must be trampled.”
Don't be afraid to work your way up. People will come and go, and for some reason the ones that matter and care will stick around. Every success has a price, whether it be your time, or your relationships. It's just the way of life. Art and success often have a lot of pain attached. Also, just be kind to those around you because you never know what they've been through.
7. “Walk tall, kick ass, learn to speak Arabic, love music and never forget you come from a long line of truth seekers, lovers and warriors.”
Just remember that you're here for a reason. No matter what the harsh realities of life throw at you, you're meant for something. Don't sell yourself short because things get hard. Never forget the greatness that came before you either.
8. “Some people will tell you that slow is good – but I’m here to tell you that fast is better. I’ve always believed this, in spite of the trouble it’s caused me. Being shot out of a cannon will always be better than being squeezed out of a tube."
I've always been a huge proponent of moving quickly. You get more done, you see more. Going fast is great, but you must take your time where it counts. Hard work and dedication will get you where you need to go. Go for it and don't hold back.
9. “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.”
Point taken. Don't half-ass things. Do things with purpose and intention of being great, or else it's not worth it.
And most importantly, bears repeating.
10. “Buy the ticket, take the ride.”
Don't second guess. Live your life and never apologize.
By: Tess Stevens
I can say that in my years I've come to find that #5 (“I was not proud of what I had learned but I never doubted that it was worth knowing.”) is really something I see many people struggling to accept. Some people are so ashamed of their past choices that they wish they never did this or that, and they think they would have been better off had they just not. But I, like Thompson, disagree. Everything is worth knowing, even if getting the knowledge was not the best experience or decision at the time.
I always liked, "Only a true saint or an ego-maniacal asshole would impose the structure of his life on those who don't fully understand it unless he was personally willing to accept responsibility for the consequences."
I love Hunter S. Thompson so much. His writing style is unique, sharp, and fast. He's truly one of the American greats. I like the list you've compiled here, too, some of his better quotes. Though I'm gonna have to say that it's really more like 9 quotes, 'cause you put "buy the ticket, take the ride" twice.
Totally badass and a really good piece of advice. @JeremyDrone