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Originally posted on Huffington Post, it's slightly uncanny how the following images have an eerie resemblance to the Harry Potter star! The image above shows a Daniel Radcliffe doppleganger staring back at the camera with the strong jawline and iconic round glasses. Has Daniel been to the 1940s? (Picture posted by gaztruman : Reddit)
Though it seems funny to make a comparison from the woman on the far right, it's definitely an image you don't want to skip over. Same smile. Same glasses. Maybe a slightly rounded and fuller face however the hair matches. This woman seems to look like a younger Radcliffe. (Picture posted by microwavetea : Reddit)
Andy Samberg on the left and Daniel Radcliffe on the right? It's pretty much impossible the two would have crossed paths in high school due to the 11 year age gap. This picture is from a 1978 yearbook! I'd say the guy on the right has the right jaw line and similar facial features but I'm going to debunk this one. (Picture by tackytick : Reddit)
Now this is just creepy... (Picture by gurbla : Reddit)
Apparently this was a prostitute from the 1800's however other than the face, the body doesn't seem to match Daniel's body build. (Picture by Waldenponds16 : Reddit)
Time-traveler? Possibly. But for now, I'm just going to say it's nice to have the legendary actor Daniel Radcliffe in the present.
This card is so hilarious. I especially love the antique photo of Lady Daniel Radcliffe in her elegant pearl necklace.
Maybe he's a vampire haha. If I hadn't seen him grow up that's probably what I would think
Oh my god. This is hilarious!!! It's incredible how much those pictures actually look like him!
LOL!!! Gonna show this to my sister & nephew. 馃槀馃槀馃槀
last picture is the best picture I ever seen DC. Haha馃槄
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