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I absolutely adore Agent Carter and I'm so glad it got renewed for a second season, and while I'm pleased with the feminist angle of the show (the interrogation scene where she tore down her coworkers in the SSR had me cheering) I wish it had done more for women of color. There were only a few nonwhite actors in the show, with barely any screen time or lines. They were barely memorable at all.
It's definitely not historically accurate, even in the 1940s New York was a very integrated city. In a show that deconstructs gendered discrimination, it feels like a major oversight to not include the stories and struggles of women of color. It also seems like a major missed opportunity, since we got to interact with the Howling Commandos this season. Surely Gabe and Morita struggled with discrimination (Morita's "I'm from Fresno" line in The First Avenger comes to mind). I hope the showrunners realize what they're missing and explore these themse more in the next season.