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Located in the luxurious Malibu, California. Caitlyn Jenner said her new home is set on a private road to keep away paparazzi in the finale episode of E! hit show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She has a few neighbors and a striking view of the ocean. Win-Win.

This gorgeous home is slated at $3,575,000!!! As you can see, there is not one detail in the home that she missed. LOOK at that door, gorgeous! The dining room has a large floor to ceiling window to bring in natural light accustomed with cream and black accents. Very modern yet traditional chic.
The decor carries on into the living room with nice hardwood floors, a cushy sectional, and a lovely grand piano to finish the room off. I'm loving this open floor plan!
I'm getting beachy vibes coming from the master suite. Numerous windows and a gentle sky blue covers the walls. The house is approximately 3,500 square feet with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms to accommodate guests.
A very modern sink and custom vanity. Just imagine taking a nice hot bath in that bathtub! It looks like a mini swimming pool!
One of the four guest bedrooms. Will Kendall and Kylie get their own room? What about Caitlyn's other four Jenner children? One things for sure, the Kardashians will only be visitors since they already have their mega mansions to return home to in Calabasas.
Beautiful mountains. Beautiful ocean. Beautiful pool. Beautiful porch. Could you say, BEAUTIFUL?
A nice three car garage with plenty of parking space. It looks like the house really lights up at night. I really hope the new Caitlyn Jenner LOVES IT here because if she doesn't, I'll volunteer to move in.
I honestly wouldn't even notice if there wasn't furniture in the house...I'd just be staring out the windows taking in those insane views!
Whaaaaaat. This is like my dream home!