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Expensive designers are always finding ways to swindle their audiences into forking over big bucks, as a so-called "investment." But some clothes just aren't worth the money! Depending on when and where you'll be wearing the piece, certain garments are bound to be worn in, spilled on, and can also be found for a much cheaper price for a similar quality level. These 5 items should not be splurged on, and don't have to!
#1: The Plain White Tee
A slouchy white t-shirt is universally flattering, versatile, and infinitely comfortable. More timess than not, you'll find yourself wearing your white tee from day to night, and possibly even to bed, making it not worth a grand sum. Despite its simplicity, a white tee can be a great base when paired with the right jewelry, a leather jacket, even a pencil skirt to wear it to work. Find the above options here ($10.90) and here ($20).
#2: The Bodycon Party Dress
Herve Leger may have made his name charging a clean thousand dollars for the bandage dress, but unless you're walking the red carpet, you're probably looking for a bodycon dress to wear to parties and clubs. Getting a beer spilled on a dress that cost a fortune is devastating in itself, and even sadder when you see that bodycon dresses can be found super-cheap for the same sexy cut with a curve-hugging fit. Find them here ($19) and here ($14.80).
#3: The Cropped Tee
Crop-tops have been in style for the past couple of years, and can be found in most retailers for a range of prices. The trendiness of this garment means that eventually, they will go out of style and you may be left wondering why you don't own any shirts that cover your belly button. Because of this, it's not worth splurging on cropped tees that are simple and versatile. Find them here ($9.99) and here ($18.00).
#4: The Knit Bodycon Skirt
Bodycon skirts should be even cheaper than the aforementioned bodycon dresses. They will similarly be worn to parties that threaten spills, slips and rips, but longer versions can be worn with more modest and daytime outfits. The knit can pill easily, and thus is not worth spending the big bucks on. Find them here ($4.90) and here ($15).
#5: The Basic Camisole
Cami's are a must-have to make any sheer or low-cut top instantly appropriate for any more modest occasion. Buy your cami's in a neutral tone like black, navy, or white, so they don't clash with your wardrobe. A stretchy fit can be found throughout retailers for as cheap as a dollar or two, and the quality won't be compromised. Find them here ($3.90) and here ($5.95).
@danidee and the worst part is that people think they must be better quality and buy them! I've been tempted in the past but I'm putting my foot down.
The basics section of H&M and Forever21 is a god-send for these haha
SAME. As I've gotten older, I've slowly worked to overcome my designer t-shirt splurge shopping. They're sort of a silly thing to be spending so much money on!
I feel like anything made with jersey or cotton in general shouldn't be super expensive. I have no idea how some designers get away with selling $80+ graphic tees.
@caricakes I can't tell you how many F21 camis I have...
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