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The Astaire awards took place last night. This awards ceremony showcases the dancers and choreography on Broadway and in film. Some of the winners came from An American In Paris and On the Town (both of which are on Broadway). I have been fortunate enough to see On the Town on Broadway and I was completely blown away by the dancing talent on stage. And from this preview of An American in Paris it looks like some amazing dancing too. So many of our iconic dances come from film and broad (think Chicago’s "Cell Block Tango," or West Side Story’s “America”). I’m a bit sad that this is the only awards show to honor choreography and dance on Broadway and Film. I am constantly looking for films and performances that showcase dance, but it seems to lack the exposure that say a a singer or an actor might get. I think dancers should have more exposure on the big screen and honored for their achievements. I hope more awards shows like these happen!