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I love the music in this series. It's such a subtle detail, but this part of the design is really magnificent. My favorite is probably the theme from 'The Woman' but it's so hard to pick.
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Have you seen The IT Crowd or The Fall? Those are the two I've been getting into lately. They're both on Netflix!
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@beywatch I haven't seen either of those, I'm gonna add them to my list. Thanks! I've heard really good things about Broadchurch but haven't seen it yet have you?
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No! Is it on Netflix or Hulu at all?
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AH! Thank you! I know what I will be listening to today...
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@beywatch I think it went on Netflix recently. I've been told it's really intense, the kind of show you end up binge watching whether you mean to or not, so I've been waiting for an open evening
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