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Lets talk quickly about what seems to be the image of typical success in modern day America. Big House, even bigger yard with a pool (in-ground of course), and the perfect family. Picture two parents, beautiful children, all on honor roll and amazing at at least one extracurricular activity.
Or maybe its more along the lines of the solo entrepreneur with the huge penthouse flat in the city.
The point is our image is MONEY, or at least enough to afford more than enough stuff.
Now I am not one to turn my nose up at money, a good paying job, or a hottie that has a good paying job. However, I do have a problem with the idea that success in society is still being measured monetarily.
Now more then ever there is wiggle room to become something totally unique, not just the long sought after corporate position. With the internet reaching an all time high; writers, artists, and musicians have more of a shot to be discovered! Their work can reach people from all over the world; and with a click they can reach a millions views…
or they won’t. But that doesn't really matter, because even 500 views for a painting of someones unknown mother should be considered a success. Because being able to make any money off of what you love IS a success.
Gone should be the idea that majoring in Art or theater is a waste. That waitressing to make rent while writing the next Great American Novel, or just an online blog is frowned upon.
Personally, my success will be living on a house boat, being able to shop at Fairway for groceries and treating myself to a vacation once a year. With smart savings that is 100% doable with most jobs.
So screw the penthouse and the mansion with 4.5 bathrooms. That just leaves way to many empty rooms for an intruder to hide anyway.
It's funny, because looking at me now many people would believe that I have prescribed to the typical American ideals for success. Decent sized house, in a decent neighborhood, making an okay living, with a family. But this isn't always the goal, sometimes, it's just where you end up. Still, I agree that it shouldn't be the goal. If you end up here, great that's fine, but it doesn't have to be the end-all, be-all for anyone.
@chandnip804 another solid point!! my small house boat is seeming better and better lol
Amen! Thank you for writing this and the way I see it is that the bigger the house is, the more you'd have to clean. LOL!
@LizArnone, :) So is my small house where I don't miss an intruder entering my house. :)