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I’m guilty of matching my nail polish to the weather. If it’s cold outside, you better believe that I reach for a deep red, or the blackest shade on the market. During springtime, I will always be partial to pastels. Summer is approaching? I’ll choose a nice neon pink or green, so it glistens while I’m sitting on the beach. Whether you’re fifty or five, painting nails has always been a favorite pastime of girls all over the world. You paint your nails to match your mood. You paint them to match your outfit. You may even dress them up by adding a cute design, or even accent one nail with glitter to offset the uniformed look. You even go as far as matching them according to certain holidays and special occasions. Sure, they may look pretty on the outside, but do you know the damages they’re doing internally?

1. If you don’t give your nails a break, you’re reducing their chances of breathing properly, and they will become brittle and weak.

2. Without a base coat, it's very likely that nails will get stained the color you’re trying to paint them.
3. The polish itself consists of toxic substances such as acetone, formaldehyde, phthalates, and toluene, which can do damage to the nerves, endocrine, and respiratory systems.
4. You’re releasing fumes from the polish each time you apply a new layer of polish.
5. Using nail polish remover more than twice a month will cause nails to dry out, split, or tear.
I'm sorry that was from the daughter me
that is the thing I love painting my nails
Wow, I had no idea. I was going to make this summer the summer I regularly go in for gel manicures, but now I'm second-guessing.
Haha I feel your pain @nokcha! The downfalls that come along with being a girl and wanting your nails to be painted.
The fact that your nails can turn yellow when you leave nail polish on too long is a super clear sign that its not awesome for you. Too bad I love painting my nails though :/