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If you love to cook as much as I do, you know there's just no escaping the kitchen chore of chopping onions. Onions are in everything! And if you don't have a fancy food processor to do the work for you (and you don't want to look like a huge dork wearing swim goggles in the kitchen) how do you avoid that unpleasant burning sensation and the inevitable tears that follow? Try this chef-approved, quick and easy way to chop onions – it's efficient, safe, and keeps your exposure to unpleasant fumes to a minimum.

Step One

First, note the two sides of the onion: stem and root. Holding the onion firmly with one hand, trim off the stem side. Flip the onion around and trim off any stringy roots, while leaving the hard root core intact.

Step Two

Chop the onion in half and peel off the brown, papery skin. Position the halves with their cut sides down to minimize pesky fumes!

Step Three

This part looks complicated, but it's actually really easy! Without ever cutting all the way through the root end (i.e., leaving a little bit of the onion still attached to the root), make lengthwise cuts into the onion, following its natural curve, angling each cut so that it ends in the same spot at the onion's center. For finely chopped onions, make more cuts; for a rougher chop, a few cuts will suffice. (Make sure to check out the second picture above – it gives a really clear idea of how to make your cuts!)

Step Four

Now, make cross-wise cuts! The onion will turn into perfect little square pieces before your eyes. Safety Tip: When you grasp the onion firmly to hold it in place, try curling your fingers under a little, so that it's impossible for you to accidentally slice your fingertips. The second picture above demonstrates this beautifully!
And voilà! Perfectly chopped onions, so quickly and easily that you haven't even had time to tear up. Inspired by and adapted from SimplyRecipes' lovely tutorial! Enjoy :)
@danidee Same! I throw them in the freezer 30min before I chop them
I remember I used to store all my onions at room temperature, which made the onion-chopping tears UNBEARABLE! I've noticed keeping them in the fridge or as cold as possible helps with tears too. :)
I hate cooking so anything to make it easy helps. thanks
@sophiamor @danidee I haven't tried that yet, but I definitely will!! I love little kitchen tips and tricks like that :) Thanks for the idea!