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Route Planning

Hey Longboarders!
I'm trying to put together a compiled list of favorite skating routes. I'm starting with NYC because it's my hometown and current place of residence, though ultimately I think everyone should be able to include their personal favorites. I think the best way to do this is with input from people in this community. So if anyone has recommendations, please volunteer them!
My top favorite route to skate is going to have to be Riverside. Basically from around 121st street on the westernmost side of Manhattan, to down around 18th st. It's a super beautiful, scenic ride. Especially if you go on a nice day around sunset, you get a preposterously pretty vantage. I'm hoping to shoot some video of me skating exactly that sometime soon.
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Rochester MI, that is my favorite place. Ive skated all around MI (my home state) an a few other places but Rochester is always a day of hard sesh when I get to go there.
of course. I don't want to ruin anything but I'm thinking more about lengths of spots. Scenic routes.
ok nice but as said by steezus be careful naming spots
@mannith yeah, I love the loft. and I love the bomb even more. if you check my collections I wrote a little half-fictional story about it.
NYC has a huge longboard community. check out longboard loft. have you heard of the Broadway bomb?
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