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AoU felt like a hot mess from start to finish: disorganized and stretched between the polar opposite ideas that the director and studio executives seemed to have. I might throw back a hot Russian (or four) and pretend it was all just a weird disjointed nightmare ala Wanda's gift.
Hahahaha this title is incredible. I feel bad that this movie ended up being such a letdown. I feel like it was being promoted for AGES. (Also I'll take a Black Widow please.)
@VinMcCarthy there were definitely parts of the movie I liked but overall the characterization felt very rushed and it felt like it was completely ignoring everything that came before (while simultaneously telling me to watch everything that's upcoming). What happened to Tony destroying his suits in Iron Man 3? I know we're all pretending The Hulk never happened, but Betty Ross? If Whedon wanted to demonstrate that "men and women can be friends without a romantic involvement", why on earth did he contrive a relationship between two characters that have barely spoken before this film? Why not explore what Winter Soldier built on with Steve and Nat? Or for that matter why include a romantic relationship at all? It felt like shorthand instead of actual development to me.
I think these drinks are all super cool and I really want to try "The God of Thunder" and "The Black Widow" but I have to disagree with your evaluation of the film itself. I think Age of Ultron really upped the ante for the franchise and the MCU as a whole.