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Rosie Assoulin just won the Council of Fashion Designers of America 2015 award for womenswear. In her honor, let's take a look at some of her best recent designs, and how to copy her general look at a cheaper price this summer.
Assoulin is certainly an expert at colorblocking boxy fabrics and draping them to combine structure and femininity. Looks above are from her Spring/Summer 2015 Collection.
Though Assoulin's pieces are beautiful and unique, they cost upwards of a thousand dollars (see here), and are not accessible to the vast majority of us. To copy her trademark style, find pieces that combine volume and boxiness, with the occasional ruffle. Bright colors and colorblocking are most important! Assoulin favors solids over prints, but her garments demonstrate how intricately placed colorblocking can make a simple solid color into something interesting, dividing up the body with each new color.
Shop the above pieces here, here, here, and here.
The second dress above (found here) is a shorter, sexier version of Assoulin's look, but it's also a lot more wearable, and a tiny fraction of the designer dress's price. Look for off-the shoulder tops and dresses with gathered ruffles on the sleeves for a similar effect.