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With summer only a few more weeks away, upscale frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry has launched its very first vegan soft-serve option - Tropical Mango!
This fruity flavor is just the beginning of a continued offering of vegan options from the company. Tropical Mango is one of two dozen different vegan blends they intend to have available in all 250 of their stateside locations.
Pinkberry's Senior Vice President Laura Jakobson cites customer demand for the change, announcing in a statement: "The voice from the consumers to provide a dairy-free product was getting louder, so we decided to act quickly and stay ahead of the curve to respond to this emerging trend."
According to the official Pinkberry website, Tropical Mango is made with no added sugar - just fruit and juice. This, however, probably won't stop us from covering it in mochi, shredded coconut, and Fruity Pebbles.
Now disregard me for a moment while I post a GPOY of Ron Swanson aggressively indulging in some frozen 'zerts.
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then you can be*
@danidee hahaha XD
The last time I had pinkberry was 3 years ago.
@AvocadoLove I don't go often, but I have a feeling I'm going to go a LOT MORE this summer. Weather permitting, of course.