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"They get a little pep in their step when they're together."

"Clint and JJ are two peas in a pod."

Do I sense a little Brokeback Bachelorette action? You would have to be blind not to see this budding romance.
"I love JJ," Clint said to the world on the hit reality love competition show, The Bachelorette. Chris Harrison, the host of the Bachelorette, said he still wasn't sure what to make of Clint and J.J.'s relationship. Clint later said to the camera that, " I knew in the back of my head she wasn't the right girl for me. But I love J.J. He has made my time in the house insanely enjoyable so I need to get a rose form Kaitlyn."
HELLO PEOPLE. It's pretty obvious that this is more than a bromance. Clint did say however that, " falling in love with another man never crossed my mind," in the tv show promo.
It is now public knowledge that these two constantly hang out and really enjoy each other's company. They cook and eat together and it has just been revealed that the two of them have had many showers together. Hmmm...
Accounts have been swirling from sources such as TMZ saying the men are not gay but with sexuality being a fluid thing, I wouldn't be surprised if these two men are more than friends.

BROMANCE : a close but nonsexual relationship between two men.

A video clip of a conversation between Clint and JJ has led to alternative opinions on the relationship. AKA... THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Here's the exchange:
"..How kind of cute you are and how beautiful your jaw line is." - Clint
"I almost made some just derogatory comment that involved unzipping my pants." - JJ
"That's not going to happen, not on camera." - Clint
Unzipping pants is usually something that leads to sex...
For now, it's a questionable "(b)romance" but Clint has confessed his love... I'm pretty sure they have a romance and that's awesome for them! SO my question is, will they get their own spin-off?
This is so great. Maybe I should start watching the Bachelorette again...
Even if this is like scripted or something, its kind of great hahaha I hope they're just having a good time, whatever is going on!
IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING? This might be my favorite thing to happen on a reality TV show since Flava Flav told New York he was gonna 'hafta roll with Hoops'.