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Rap artists are going crazy as of late with tattoos and are running out of places to put them on their body. As a result of the lack of available body space, the face tattoo has become a trend in the hip-hop community. A “face-tat” (a term coined by a$ap ant) is a tricky tattoo to accomplish with style. A face tattoo may grab someone's attention, but isn't always accomplished in with positive feedback upon viewing the tat.
For example, many have mixed feelings about gang-related face tattoos. People also trend to share their thoughts in a negative fashion about large face tattoos on the cheek or forehead (for example, Gucci Mane’s Ice Cream tattoo.)
There are some cool face tats though. An example of one was on the face of Harlem native A$AP Yams. He placed “Cutthroat” above his eyebrow as a symbol of his love for his friends Joey Fatts & A$ton Matthews. The two rappers were also members under his Yamborghini Records imprint.
I’m not sure if face tattoos will continue to be a trend in the hip-hop community for years to come, but right now they are a big deal. My suggestion is to get one with deep meaning and have it done in good taste.
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I think smaller tattoos can be pulled off, but yeah.. Gucci's tatt is a bit ridic lol