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We live in generation where fake is fabulous. Not saying that having your own brows, lashes, hair, lips, etc. isn't accepted, but let's just say we have come a long way over the years. Several things that weren't socially acceptable years ago are finally the norm, including makeup and the like. Just like the occasional eyebrow drawers, there are also your occasional eyelash wearers i.e. (those who choose to wear fake lashes to enhance their own). That's the beauty of it, when it comes to makeup, it's all about enhancing and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Although, there is nothing wrong with enhancing your beauty, some take the term "enhance" to an entirely different dimension.
Not everyone has the advantage of long, full eyelashes and that is totally okay. There's an app for that, not really, but there are plenty of ways around that. To create the illusion that you have full, luscious lashes there is mascara, eyelash extensions and your glue on lashes. All three of these are your typical go to options ranging in different prices. In most cases the average woman would opt for the mascara being, that it is not only affordable, but it's convenient. Lash extensions can look extremely natural, but they can also tend to be pricey depending on where you go to get them done. Glue on lashes are convenient for a couple hours, but they can also be messy and over the top if you don't choose the perfect length and style. If you plan on wearing lashes every day it's not realistic to walk around with lashes that look like butterfly wings, that's doing the most.
Keep it simple and natural. People will always notice two things: when you're trying too hard and when you look crazy. The point is for people to be clueless as to whether they happen to be authentic lashes or straight from your local beauty supply store. If you want definition, reach for the mascara. If you're going out for the night and want all eyes on you, go for the glue on lashes or extensions, but make sure that you don't look like you're headed to a drag convention. Minimalism is always better, give it a try.