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This trend is swinging back into style from the 1970s. While skinny jeans are still very trendy, the bell bottom jeans style is gaining popularity again. The key to making this style look modern is to pair with a crop top or tight tucked-in shirt. Sandals can give these jeans a boho vibe and heels can give them more of a sophisticated look — it's up to you.
Here is a look from the runway. Don't be afraid to branch out with a cropped blazer to go with the bell bottom jeans look.
Here are some everyday looks of the bell bottom jeans. This trend isn't stuck in the past — it's come back for a second time and the jeans are ready to add some flair to an outfit!
It's funny how all the things that our parents used to wear are now coming back into style! haha
My mom still owns a pair and I used to tease her about it. I guess she's the real fashionista.