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Did you ever just feel so frustrated, or pissed, or happy that you just wanted to do something crazy. The build up was so strong that you just had to do something against the rules, like throw a dozen eggs at the wall, or write fuck all over the bathroom walls, or rip out all the pages of a book?
Well, have I got the best (and totally not frowned upon by society) news for you.
Wreck This Journal is a book that actually tells you to break all the rules you were ever taught about journal writing…and basic book care now that I think about it.
Page after page have prompts that tell you to drag the journal around on a string behind you, sleep with it, take your favorite page you created, rip it out and toss it in the trash like it doesn't even matter.
Let me tell you that was actually PAINFUL for me to do. But it also felt good, in a naughty type of way.
The cool thing about these journals is that in a world where following orders seems like the only way to find success, this journal approves of deviating from the directions. The more you take control of the chaos the more amazing your journal becomes.
Its been a tough week, so right now I’m thinking spitting grape juice on a few pages might be just the perfect medicine.
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someone got me one of these a couple of years ago but the only thing i managed to do with it was have it collect dust. i'm pretty sure that's 'cos of my overall laziness though, haha
@paulisaverage not going to lie i go through fazes of doing a page every day to my journal collecting dust for a few months! I just wait for inspiration to strike!
where oh where do I find this book?
@TerrecaRiley you can find it at Barnes and Nobel!!!
k. thanks