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Master P and No Limit Records were notorious for jagged, surrealist album covers drawn up by the Pen & Pixel design team. In his prime, Master P covers were as collectible as baseball cards or fine art within the hip-hop community.
You could get a sense of the type of music that would reside within the album based on the cover. This is very rare with album art in hip-hop nowadays as many people choose abstract art for covers.
On this day, June 2nd in hip-hop, history Master P dropped his seventh studio album MP Da Last Don. MP Da Last Don was centered around the rap mafioso theme and Master P dropped a straight-to-video short film to go along with the album. MP Da Last Don did monster numbers, as it debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 and sold nearly 500,000 in its first week. To date, the album is certified 4x platinum by RIAA. In my eyes, that makes this album and the album art, classics in the hip-hop world.
Omg yes. 90s Busta videos were seriously iconic. And he put that budget to good use! Well, I think he did. Unless the only reason Missy was wearing a trashbag in "The Rain" because he blew too much money on special effects that they couldn't afford anything designer.
@beywatch I was a big fan of Hype Williams and his vintage videos. Some of the work he did with Busta Rhymes was amazing. He also had a HUGE budget to pull a lot of these videos off, but nonetheless still great work.
Omg no, I love cheesy old school hip-hop album covers. It reminds me of the 90s and all those over-the-top Hype Williams videos.