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Indie legends Neutral Milk Hotel are officially announcing the end.
Led by the tragic, brilliant Jeff Magnum, the band disappeared publicly for nearly a decade following the magical beauty of 1998's near-perfect "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" (owner of an ever-coveted Pitchfork Perfect 10, along with myriad other five-star reviews). Check out "Two Headed Boy" above, one of the many standouts. After resurfacing last year (I saw them in St. Louis and they did not disappoint, but the low lighting, scraggly beard and the hat covering his eyes made it tragically clear that Magnum's personal issues are far from resolved), they have announced one last group of shows before calling it quits "for the never ending now" (they're even poetic in their goodbyes....).
Just eight shows remain, in an 8-day span beginning tomorrow (June 3):
Eugene, Oregon,
Seattle, Washington
Spokane, Washington
Missoula, Montana
Boise, Idaho
Reno, Nevada
Sacramento, California
Petaluma, California
If you have the time and are even remotely nearby any of these locations, I urge you to go see these guys. They are absolute legends of the genre and a chance to see them before they shrink back into the darkness should not be taken lightly!
For the rest of us, we can rest knowing that the recording of "In the Aeroplane" is as good as it gets, and, unlike the live performances, it's not going anywhere. And that's a good thing.
NOOOOOOOOO. I missed their show when they came to my town a few days ago. I saw Jeff Mangum play Coachella a few years back though. True story: If you put a tray of frozen tater tots in the oven and then turn on "Oh Comely", they should be ready by the time the song is over. Trust this. I've done it like six times.
Trying this. Tonight. He probably planned it that way, the damned genius.
Rockstars LOVE tater tots.
Probably. Even rockstars like tater tots.
So sad, I know. They're the best. KoCF sounds like a very promising start to a summer tape, though... would love to see a full list!
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