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I didn't know curtains can magically shift the direction they are falling.
THIGH GAP LIES. Isn't it funny there isn't a trace of thigh gap in her reflection on the wall...Gee.
I thought wood only warped after being wet. Apparently it can be warped in photoshop too! ...You know, using the warp tool.
A nice set of curved walls, curved glass, and a curved door, to fit her enhanced curvy body.
I had no idea Apple was debuting it's first curved glass iPhone!!! And can someone please tell me where they sell dented wine glasses? INNOVATION.
Um. I think she needs to see a doctor because her fake thigh gap makes her look like she has a tumor growing on her upper leg.
Well maybe it means that we should't look up to people
@nicolejb @orenshani7 Exactly! So many people consider her to be naturally perfect so if someone who is so amazing feels that she has to photoshop herself, what does that mean for us mere mortals?
Thigh gap is seriously the most incredibly stupid OCD body issue. Next there's going to be like.. toe gap. Like if there's no gap between your big toe and your second toe, your foot's fugly, fat, and stupid.
Oh my God I wouldn't have ever noticed this! I have definitely covered up nasty things on my face before but to go as far as making thigh gaps? No way!
@caricakes, I don't think we should look up to other people at all because eventually it will only make us feel that we can never be like them. Courage, selflessness, honesty, etc, are different because anyone can have them.
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