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For the enchanted bride who seeks to be dressed in luxe from the pages of magic and make believe, this Peter Langner gown is just for you! The bi-color silk taffeta blends between green and a whimsical violet. The feathery textured embellishment gives a gentle volume to the gown without weighing it down.
While this dress may not be for every bride, it's a stunning reminder that wedding gowns come in all shapes and colors. The modern white wedding dress isn't so white anymore. There's a lot of room to go your own direction and pick a dress that speaks to you.
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the "rug" part is my favorite. I love the uncommon texture pairing. I love the color too. it's edgy and quite unexpected
don't get me wrong its a beautiful dress... sorry but that was just my honest opinion.
I'm sorry but the lime green half looks like a rug...but the lighter green on top looks gorgeous if it didn't have the lime green hanging down at the bottom and it was just that pretty green on the top I'd wear it.
You think so? throw on some platforms
Unless you're tall, otherwise you'll be swimming in this dress.
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