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The Best of SNL

Live from New York, it's my favorite SNL sketches of all time (in no particular order). By "of all time" I mean within my lifetime, so within the past 22 years. If I'm missing any older classics, post them here for me and everyone else to enjoy!
1. Garth and Kat on Halloween: this sketch showcases the improv talent of SNL's cast members, and everyone loves watching them break character.
2. I'm On A Boat: one of Lonely Island's classic SNL digital shorts, made better with T-Pain's auto-tuned voice.
3. Debbie Downer: another great sketch if you love watching the cast members (especially Jimmy Fallon) crack up. Rachel Dratch's Debbie Downer is sure to cheer you up.
4. Celebrity Jeopardy: quite possibly my favorite sketch of all time, celebrity jeopardy never disappoints. I find this particular combination of stars hilarious for their constant harassment of Will Ferrell's Alex Trebek.
5. Harry Caray: without knowing who Harry Caray is, you can enjoy this sketch as Will Ferrell rants about mad cow disease and the moon being made of barbecue spare ribs.
6. Stefon: one of the most ridiculous and popular characters of SNL, Stefon is especially fun to watch because Bill Hader has no idea what he's going to say when he gets behind the desk.
7. More Cowbell: several of my favorite sketches involve Will Ferrell and this might be his most ridiculous and over-the-top performance.
8. Super Showcase: this lesser known sketch stars two of my favorite cast members, Maya Rudolph and Kristin Wiig, neither of which can keep a straight face during this performance.
STEFON! I love him so much. The Gilly sketches would be on my own personal list :) love me some Kristin Wigg.
@danidee Your sister and I would get along. hahaha. And itโ€™s STILL my dream. I have a little notepad that I have filled with sketch ideas...if the writers ever came to me I would totes impress.
@nicolejb My sister always says "Sorry." the way Gilly does because of that skit. I'm such a huge SNL nerd. It was one of my dreams to be a writer for them once upon a time.
@danidee - I had no idea, I must look up details. Thanks!
Did you see that there's a 40 year anniversary SNL retrospective exhibit going on in NYC right now?! They have the actual set from Celebrity Jeopardy!
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