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Inspired by Dear Coffee, I Love You’s list of gift guide, I decided to create my own list of gifts for the Coffee Lover. These are some affordable and caffeine-induced gifts you can get for your coffee-loving best bud.

A Sip of Coffee Poetry Book - $29.93

Coffee shops are known for their active poetry slams. Get your coffee-loving friend this fabulous book full of some pretty rad poems and stories. Plus your coffee-loving friend is sophisticated enough to really appreciate some poetry.

EcoFriendly Travel Cups - $7.71 (50 Pack)

Your coffee-loving friend really enjoys taking coffee to work, but all of those cups can add up. Why not give them an ecofriendly alternative to their morning coffee?

The Ever-Awesome French Press - $25

What coffee lover doesn’t enjoy the perfectly pressed cup of joe? There’s something so satisfying about being able to watch the grounds mix, and then pressing them away to reveal the spectacular caffeinated juice. Oh how I love the French Press.

Coffee Soap - $20

The coffee lover can often been turned on by just the sent of coffee. Certainly they would want to smell like one. Here’s a nice homemade gift you can buy on Etsy.

Coffee Bean Phone Case - $35

Yep. You saw it right. This phone case says, “I love to espresso myself, and I’m not afraid to show it.” Perfect for any coffee fan that enjoys showing their love of the bean.
@nicolejb It looks kind of funny but feels so nice
@hikaymm ohhhh I bet a coffee grounds scrub is really exfoliating. Talk about waking up your skin!
Posts like this are so helpful for the clueless gift givers of the world...
Coffee soap!! That's genius!!! I used to do a cocoa powder/coffee grounds body scrub when I actually brewed coffee at home,a nd I miss the smell of it. Coffee soap would totally fix that!
@HairConfetti I have one myself and I love it. It’s probably perfect for your boyfriend because then her can share a cup with you ;)
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