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Caitlyn NOT Kaitlyn
In the meantime, while Caitlyn Jenner descended on the world stage, other things were brewing. Namely, Kris was busy shielding her empire from impending late night jokes and laughter as the obvious became headlines. Caitlyn nixed the K for a C--a moniker decision that means two things.
One, Jenner's new sexual identity means a clean and swift break from the Kardashian kaos. Two, it becomes clear that Kris is no longer in charge. Her insidious clutch is waning. Not even she can claim rights to Caitlyn, which you just know deep down inside it's giving Kris a rash of raging hemorrhoids!
I'm happy that Caitlyn has escaped, though narrowly. Even happier that Kris' empire--built on pimping her brood--is starting to show its demise.
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