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Celebrities have been rocking the denim on denim trend recently. The key to looking like Kim Kardashian and not like Britney Spears is to make sure the two denim pieces are different enough. You can pair a dark wash pair of jeans with a light wash top. Avoid wearing two denim pieces that are very similar in wash. Keep scrolling for some more denim on denim looks done well!
Don't be afraid to break the traditional fashion rules and try this denim on denim trend!
The Canadian Suit!
I totally agree! That's the whole point — you have to make sure they are two different shades so that you don't look like you just didn't look at what you were wearing when you got dressed
As long as you aren't wearing the same shade of denim for top and bottom I think its okay, but when we're talking about one denim color for the whole outfit...BLEH!