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Well, let me tell you, Adele is on her way back into the public eye and I'M SO EXCITED. I'll just give you a quick run down on what's been going on for this 'Someone Like You' singer.
So her first album was '19' and her second was '21'. Adele posted this photo with her tweet that read "Bye bye 25... See you again later in the year x" on her 26th birthday in May. Adele is notorious for naming her albums after her age which means it was a no brainer when she confirmed her next album was named '25'.
Btw, this picture is perfect for snapchat, just saying.
Her album was a HUGE hit, running as the longest number 1 on Billboard 200 in over two decades. The anticipation for her new album is building and her record label is slightly pissed that she's waited this long. Album is expected in September, Fingers Crossed.
On the flip side, I would feel like I could take a break too if I won this many trophies. She was like "OK I've got my badass collection of trophies. Let's have a kid and take a break," to her partner Simon Konecki. (They named the kid Angelo.)
Her face in this picture equals = "Ohhhhh look how many trophies I have. My competition were peasants. I love my life #Winning"
Adele did sing the award winning song, 'Skyfall', for the Bond movie and has reportedly already written and recorded song, 'Spectre', for the upcoming movie this year! Can you believe that 'Spectre' will be the 24th James Bond film ever made? WEIRD.
I can see a lot of trophies coming her way again...
Her voice swoons the world...


Adele's baby won a Grammy the first time it yawned. True story.
I’m obsessed with Adele and I’ve been stalking her twitter, hoping and praying she’ll come back. But at this rate it looks like her next album will be entitled 30...
Adele, s the greatest.
Seriously, where has she been?! Last I heard was she had a baby and then she dropped off the face of the earth.