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Britt Daniel, frontman of rock veterans Spoon, and the man with the world's greatest taste, gave some insight a few years ago about his own influences and favorite albums in an interview with Pitchfork's Rodrigo Perez. Perez provided several prompts, such as "What's a record that makes you feel like you're in love?" and Daniel responded (he answered Bob Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde" to that one). Taken out of context of the questions, the collection of albums paints some picture of what that brilliant man is listening to in his own time... I'm not familiar with a solid handful of the records he mentioned, so I'm interested to see if anyone else has opinions on them.
The Zombies - "Odyssey and Oracle"
The Fall - "Grotesque"
The Stooges - "Raw Power"
The Young People - "The Young People"
Cat Power - "Moon Pix"
Does Britt's taste reflect his own style? I'll definitely be familiarizing myself with some of these in the near future:
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Oh shit. I love those first three. Odyssey & Oracle is actually easily in my top 10 favorite albums of all time. It seems like the frontman of Spoon and I probably share a music collection.