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It is only the second day in June and guess what, the Ginger is already sunburned. Before we even go into the fact that I completely fall head first into the ginger stereotype let me explain.
My burn turns into a tan! And yes, a tan for me is usually just a normal shade of white for others but just let me have my moment.
So as I am quietly awaiting my bright red back to turn into the beautiful sun kissed glow, I wince as my Mom is spreading Aloe a little to roughly across my back. She is clearly sick of my shit. I listen as she rattles off the facts that every single Irish girl that doesn't live on the perpetually rainy Island hears Every. Single. Summer.
“These burns are going to give you skin cancer.”
“You’re gonna get wrinkles a lot earlier in life if you don't cover up.”
“Look at all these freckles, you are going to get skin cancer!!”
And for the past 22 years I have ignored her, gone to the beach and roasted myself. All for the sake of a tan that honestly looks better on blondes. But now, as I am forced to recover from my burn at my new job, feeling like a lobster in front of my new co-workers, I might actually reevaluate the “tan craze”.
If you didn't already know…
- Just one bad sunburn can double your chances of catching skin cancer.
- Treatment for small spots consists of burning and digging out the cancerous cells. That leaves a lot of cuts and wounds all over your body, especially your face.
- Most doctors do not check for skin cancer in children since, before this tanning craze, most kids tried to not get burned.
- More then half the teenagers in America do not wear sunblock.
So I make a vow (that will be very hard to keep with this pale skin of mine), to wear sunblock every time a go to the beach, every time I have a party outside…pretty much any time I go outside in general. Because you know whats worse then being pale, having to go to a knife hungry doctor who will try and turn you into a Frankenstein; for the betterment of your health of course.
Fuck the summer beauty standard, slap on some neon nail polish (which will make you look more tan), throw on the sunblock, embrace the beautiful pale and know that I am here with you cheering you on!
I REALLY NEED TO START WEARING SUNSCREEN. It's so hard because I'm Middle Eastern, so I've never really gotten sunburned pretty much ever, but I keep acting like that means my skin is protected when I know it's not!
I only tan but my skin feels really gross after too much sun. No matter what your skin tone is, sun protection is soooo important!
@caricakes the ears are so easy to forget!! i think this summer ill be looking up different ways to relieve the burn besides aloe haha
I'm suffering with you sister. I got my first sunburn of the season already and I am NOT happy about it. I've gotten really good about getting SPF on my face but I always forget to apply on my neck and shoulders (and the tops of my ears!!!) But hooray for freckles and various shades of very pale :)