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First dates are all about first impressions and we all know that first impressions are everything. The goal is to score a second date with Mr. Wonderful, but if you don't look the par chances are you won't get any further than the first date. Not too many men are fond of makeup, but they can tolerate a natural look. Although your makeup routine is to please yourself and not others, it's a nice gesture to put your ego to the side and think about blowing your date away -- in a good way.
Keep it subtle and cute with a natural face. You can keep your look to a minimum and still catch someones eye. You want your date to remember you for the good, not the bad and the ugly. Stick to warm tones in both the brown and nude family. Skip the blush and grab the bronzer. Save the bright lipstick for the second date and opt for a nude or soft pink shade. Natural looks usually welcome a low tone eye shadow, but since it's the first date keep the lids bare or add a little spice with a winged liner. Mascara is always a must, but no falsies. You'll be grateful you didn't wear them. You wouldn't want to have to reapply lash adhesive mid convo.
Keeping your face simple allows you to use your creativity when picking out the perfect outfit. Be confident in your look and own those 15 minutes you spent in front of the mirroring prepping for what may be the start of something amazing. On a bright note, if date number two doesn't happen, at least you'll know that it wasn't because of your makeup.
Agreed. I think date makeup should be simple and not overdone.
Maybe throw on some liner or lashes
I say, be true to who you are, first. then use makeup a d you normally would. don't over do it or under do it because of a date
I'm still trying to learn the winged liner technique, it's def an art. but lower lash liner and mascara is always a must. makes your eyes pop! @marshalledgar
Overdone is always a no no! Simple and sophisticated is always the best route @mikayla
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