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From someone who suffers from a chronic case of FOMO, is afraid of the dark and still can not sleep in a house by herself (I am 22), I have compiled a list of things to do that can be way more enjoyable alone then with a group.
1. Going to see a movie you know you are going to cry in.
I can't tell you the number of movies I wanted to cry in but because I was with other people I didn't. I focused more on holding back tears then the actual movie, insert Toy Story 3, Les Miserables, Extreme Makeover Home Addition. Okay so that last one was a TV show and Ty may have spent the entire project on uppers but the reactions after "move that bus" is making me feel emotional even now. I can not watch that show with anyone.
2. Going for a bike ride.
Group bike rides can rock but sometimes its nice to just be able to go at your own pace, stop and smell the flowers or just goof off alone while speeding down a hill without holding on to the handle bars.
3. Going to the Gym.
Some people feel more motivated with a gym partner but then again, having a gym partner means you have to run on their time, leave when they do and usually alter your workout a little to mimic theirs. Solo gym sessions can be intense and a lot less pressure if you don't have someone watching and waiting for you to finish up. However, the other gym goers watching you work out is a whole different story.
4. Getting treats!
Sometimes you just want to veg out in front of the TV with some awesome snacks. Cupcakes, chocolate, chips and dip it all seriously rocks; especially when you don't have to share the goods with someone else. No awkward wondering who gets the last nacho; you do, because its you're own personal party and you're running the show.
5. Shopping
Be it shopping for clothes, groceries or whatever people buy in Bed Bath and Beyond its always nice to be able to take your time. If you want check the prices on everything you want to get, rock on its your time to spend it how you wish. Riffle through your coupon book? Go for it, its saving you money! Decide you don't want anything and go to the food court instead? Hell yeah, who cares if the other person isn't hungry yet, they don't exist!
6. Take pictures
Fun, serious, doofy, scandalous, nudes whatever you want! Taking pictures without having to worry about the squeals of "omg we look awwwwwwful we need to retake it" is nice. Delete them, keep them, send them around who cares! No one will know about them unless you want them too!
Fun Fact- There are apps that you can keep these pictures for your eyes only. KYMS acts like a calculator until you punch in your code.
Nothing better than a solo bike ride to clear the mind. Agree with all of these.
Yes I also agree with all of these as well.