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This week Parisian authorities have closed the Pont des Arts Bridge in order the eliminate the large collection of “love-locks." For those of you that don’t know the tradition, lovers come to the bridge to place their lock on the bridge, symbolizing everlasting love.
Personally I think we are losing an important and creative tradition. Paris is the city of love, romance, and tourists com from all over to place their lock. The locks themselves have become to heavy for the bridge to handle, so removing them was necessary. I’m just sad that we are losing such a interesting and romantic tradition for couples.
@jeff4122 @nehapatel There’s something so romantic about throwing the key into the water and leaving it there. But I totally agree. As one person pointed out in the article "As a tourist, the most important thing is to be respectful of a place’s culture.” And the bridge itself has very important cultural significance too!
@jeff4122 hahaha “Sorry, honey! I thought it was a cute act of love, I didn’t mean to lock you out of the house!!"
I think it's OK to take the locks down. I know, I know - Paris is the city of romance. But the article cites the dangers being as grave as the bridge collapsing on top of boats at any moment. As the article says, people can find other symbolic ways to immortalize their love.
There was a good article in the NYT about this with some of the statistics:
Maybe the tradition of throwing the key in the river can continue! It can be, like, any key. Like your house key. But that may not go over so well with your newly immortalized lover.
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