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The other day, I found myself running late to an important meeting thanks to a slower-than-expected train. It's one of those painfully helpless spots - you're late, but you're jammed on a train that is, theoretically at least, going to take you where to you need to go. But the train is slow. And short of forcing your way out and sprinting along the tracks, you've got no options but to wait it out. Usually, in situations like this, I'll have my headphones in.
Actually, scratch that. Usually, I'll have my headphones it. Period.
Anyway, on this particular occasion I've got Dr. Dog's 2008 "Fate" playing. And it's been playing for a while, and I'm listening sort of mindlessly at this point. The track "From" comes on. It's a good one, but not one I've paid much attention to in the past. But then the chorus rolls around, and in a moment of perfect chance, my ears spark up to "It's like a choo-choo train, rolling away..."
What is there to do other than laugh--audibly--in the middle of this maddeningly delayed train, crawling across the city when I need it to fly? A choo-choo train is what I called a train when I was seven years old, or when I just feel like goofing around; this was not one of those times. But I couldn't help but forget about my tardiness for a moment and appreciate the joy that music brings me every day of my life, one way or another.
P.S.: How many train/traffic puns did you find in this card?
Absolutely! I should post some more music cards. I traditionally just sort of hang out in the Celebs section since I'm the section's moderator, but I like the idea of sharing songs and stories.
Hah, such are the perils of city life. The give and the take. I've always wanted to be on the radio, just never really had the opportunity. Hopefully sometime soon the music fairy will grace me with such a chance. In some ways, these communities act like a radio show - we can share brief anecdotes and great bits of music just like a DJ might.
We (music nerds) would love to have you!
The harmonies in this song are so perfect. I love Dr. Dog. I used to have my own radio show back in 2007/2008, and I remember Dr. Dog being in pretty regular rotation for me. Particularly the The Girl/Heart It Races 7". (Caught their 2008 Coachella set too. They play a good live show too!) Sorry about your train by the way. That's one of the shitty things about taking public trans when you don't really have much of a choice.