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People often think weight loss equates to happiness. You see the television advertisements: selling you happiness in a bottle of highly-caffeinated diet pills. They sell you the idea of wealth, success, love, and fame. You can have it all, if you just lose a few more inches. But, they don’t mention the sudden side effects -- the fixation over the number on the scale, never achieving absolute satisfaction, and critically analyzing every jiggle and sag with a magnifying glass.
It’s when we finally lose the weight, we are hit with the hard truth: life doesn’t magically bloom into a fairy-tale. Keeping an active and healthy lifestyle is what we should all strive for. A healthy lifestyle isn’t the issue -- it’s the glorified weight-loss expectations that are being sold to us.
Running produces endoprhins. Weight training builds strength. Yoga calms the mind. Weight loss is weight loss -- it doesn’t produce a magical life with hot men serving us grapes and wiping our sweat with cash. Although, that would be really cool.
Changing your outside doesn't change your inside! Well presented @alywoah!
In high school I was really concerned with my weight and began dieting but was never happy even when I hit my weight goals. Then I went to college and stopped really caring about the number on the scale (mainly because I just didnt have a scale...) and found that my exercise and eating routine was healthy enough to get me to where I want to be naturally. Now I'm super happy with my life and know it has nothing to do with my body shape.
@sjeanyoon Too true! You'll gain confidence as you lose weight but that doesn't change your essence. If you want bigger changes than just dress size you need more than diet and exercise.
I always think that when I am my goal weight I will be more outgoing and funny and fashionable, but in reality if I want that to happen its not a number on a scale that's going to do it...its inner strength!
Exactly! @Caricakes I have always been concerned with my weight. But now that I workout and eat freely, I feel happier -- even though that means I added about 30lbs to the scale. But I am not obsessed with the number on the scale or with calorie counting anymore. I definitely feel more alive now.