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In all the movies, in all the books, the end of the world never came like this. I guess it shows how much we really know about our home star. I thought it would sooner be that the sun would implode on itself, or fizzle out and die. That would have made sense to me.
Instead, it only grew. Scientists were baffled, as the growth was only a minor thing, something they didn't expect and coulcn't explain. Temperatures around the globe rose, ice caps began melting faster. People panicked - even those who had forever denied the possibility that climate change was a tangible disaster. For all this, though, we would still have been okay, would still have managed to live on in spite of the change. Except we didn't bank on what a huge difference even a small change in the Sun's mass would do to orbits. The leaders of the scientific communities did, of course, but they were silenced by those with the power. They were dealing with enough panic, they didn't want to cause any more.
And then the moon seemed farther away.
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"Take a Picture, Make a Story" is great--I love trying to find inspiration from something like a photo. I have posted a few prompts aimed at encouraging others to try that on my account as well. This story is really interesting, a side of all the end-of-world plots that I've never heard of, or explored.