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This PBS Documentary “Black Gold” truly gives me a whole new perspective on the little bean. The film explains coffee’s history, and the slavery that has come out of the production. I truly think it’s important to take a look at the backstory of our purchases.
I happened to find a socially-conscious coffee at TOMS and it’s very good! Though we may not know where your roast from Starbucks came from, maybe we can be aware of the products we are making at home.
As the film tagline says, “Your coffee will never taste the same again."
Agreed @timeturnerjones. Awareness is the first step.
This has been on my "need to finish watching list" but I kept forgetting; I guess it's time!
I will go to hell because of my passion for coffee, chocolate and diamonds.
@allischaaff Especially something that we might drink EVERY DAY. As a nerd, I look up the stats. We spend about $1,100 dollars a year on coffee. And only a penny of each dollar goes to the worker. :(
@orenshani7 And you won't be going alone. Thanks though @nicolejb, the least we can do is be more aware of this problem for starters....
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