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If you're like me and you don't understand sports, but do want to keep up with the news, check out John Oliver's criticism of the FIFA scandal. This was my first time watching Last Week Tonight and it won't be my last. John Oliver managed to turn a complicated and decade-long scandal into a fascinating and entertaining news story. It's simple, funny and apparently pretty influential.
John Oliver covered the scandal on Sunday's episode of Last Week Tonight and called out Sepp Blatter, president of FIFA, imploring the organization to remove him from power. Just two days later, the president decided to resign.
Congrats John, your begging clearly worked, and I'll be turning to you again for news, educated opinions and plenty of laughs.
Likewise, @beywatch. I always find myself being interested in whatever the topic is when he discusses it, even if it was something I wasn't really aware of before seeing it. As for FIFA, it's bee corrupt for ages, it's about time that some of that corruption is curbed. If it can even be, at this point.
@beywatch - Yeah, that's definitely true. At least it makes for entertaining television!
One problem I have with John Oliver, though, is that he sames to be against everything, wants to change or be rid of everything, when we know that isn't always a realistic option. So, then what? I do enjoy the way he explains things, however.
Well, the president has retired so looks like things are on the way! Wonder if any of those businesses had anything to do with it.
@greggr I never really thought about it before, but you're totally right.
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