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ive never experienced this yet but a few ppl i know have embarrassed themselves asking..."so when are you due??....have you??...lolz!!
"Marry a furnace!" ROFL! Excellent, they should too. Furnaces are so totally hawt!
i'm in the league sister! i want to lose weight but i can't starve myself.. but i don't know why the world is so obsessed with a person's appearance..especially men! they need a hot girl.. hot..what the heck...need something hot..marry a furnace!
@cheerfulcallie @neaa Yes, get in shape for yourself, not anyone else. Because the satisfaction that comes from doing it for you, is so much more fulfilling. :) Had some really rough years, so I really need to get back to working out consistently. Yes, our families are horrible. I think I'd have a heart attack if they actually complimented me instead of berating me. And apparently, we can never be skinny enough. Maybe, I'll start carrying around a life-size skeleton and telling people this is my ultimate weight goal. XD
me too.. i need to get in shape in 1 month to look good in a saree
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