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Ladies, class is in session. Just as washing your body is a daily routine, washing off your makeup is just as important. Falling asleep in your makeup is not only bad for your skin, but more than likely you will wake up with makeup everywhere. We all get lazy, but that same about of time you took to put on your face, set aside some time to also take off your face. Five minutes is nothing, especially when it will leave you feeling refreshed and your skin clean as day.
Washing off your makeup does not just consist of makeup wipes or makeup remover, that's just the first step. Although makeup removing products do a good job in removing the outer residue, they don't always get deep down. Get yourself a gentle facial cleanser and go to work on your face. You will notice that you still have makeup left over that will accumulate in the soap suds. Of course the next step would be rinsing, but you're not done just yet. Toning and moisturizing go hand in hand. After you tone, follow up with a great moisturizer and voila! That wasn't so bad, now was it?
Never go to sleep without removing your makeup, those are just simple facts of life. There's absolutely no excuse good enough as to why you couldn't wash your face. Besides, we all know that washing your face is fun. You won't want to regret not washing your makeup off twenty years down the road when you have bags, wrinkles and cystic acne. Didn't think so.
This is exactly how I do my skincare regimen, except I use a gentle scrub every other day and a good eye cream because I'm not getting any younger hahaha
Yayyy! Thank you! I literally just got in the habit about a year or so ago, but it's def a must. and a sense of humor is also great to have :) I appreciate the feedback.
Hahaha this is great! I love your sense of humor. It's true, I really should wash my makeup off more often before I go to bed!!
Gotta do what you gotta do.
I use coffee eye cream and clinique's skin repair nightly. I still look like im in my 20s. (I'm pushing 40!!!) yikes :/
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